The Myth of Work-Life Balance

If Work-Life Balance is in your 2021 Business Plan, in your goals or in your New Year resolutions, you may as well give up now!

The greatest mistake most people make is to think of balance in terms of evenly distributed hours between work and life.

This expectation of a balance between work and life is incorrect because we’re thinking about it in the wrong terms.

Instead of trying to balance hours, what if you were to balance happiness and progress in what’s important in your life.

Most people feel they’re out of balance because of one area of their life becoming more intense and time-consuming than other areas.
So what is the solution?

Keep an eye on the quality or progress in the areas of life you’re concerned about.

You will always feel out of balance if you’re doing work that you don’t find engaging and meaningful.

Tune in while I discuss how to find the balance between work and life but not in the traditional sense.

The Myth of Work-Life Balance

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