Victims Never Transform 1

Victims NEVER transform.

I know this to be 💯 true.

How do I know?

Because I felt like a victim for many many years.

Asking God: “Why Me?”

Life hands you the opportunity live a story…

Our lives are filled with painful experiences; some of which happen TO us, but MOST of which happen FOR us.

ON the left…Me…14 years ago.

Just 2 years after multiple heart attacks, Triple Bypass Surgery, a minor stroke, and we had just moved back to Canada, after living in Europe 18 years.

Everyday I had to remind myself that I am strong. I am alive. I will get stronger.

We all know how difficult it is to rebuild your life after experiencing a traumatic situation, whether it be physical or emotional. It can be hard to even imagine that life will ever get better, let alone that you could transform your life after such an event. But the truth is, it is possible and has been done by many people before you. 

2009 Photo (above) taken at my first job upon returning to Canada. Working in a cubicle in the Government.

Daily anxiety, unhappiness and fear were my daily norm.

Taking 10 different “preventative” heart medications daily, which were making me sick.

One afternoon…. I had had enough.

I left the job.

Got hired as Professor at a large University in Toronto.

Started researching “Heart Disease REVERSAL”.

Began exploring personal growth.

Adjusted my diet.

Started walking everyday.

Began to shift my Mindset…

From Victim … to Survivor… to Warrior.

➡️Photo #2 (above) – January 2023

✅ Heart disease REVERSED.

✅ 0 medications of any kind.

✅ Working/Creating/ Growing Businesses that I love and feel passionate about.

On the other side of FEAR:

• I have learned that a positive mindset, daily exercise, and clean food DOES matter.

• I have learned to stop running from FEAR, but to face it head-on.

• I have learned that our transformation is ongoing. There’s no “quick fix” for anything physical, emotional or psychological. It’s about doing the hard work, every single day.

• I have learned that perfection doesn’t exist. And we don’t want it to, otherwise we would never grow.

•I have learned that a Victim never transforms.

I will always be a work in progress.

Transformation is not easy; it takes time and hard work—but if you’re willing to put in the effort, then anything can happen! Start by making small changes every day that will help move you closer towards your goals. That might look like reading a new book each week or joining a local community group or organization; whatever works for you! You might even want to consider talking with a therapist or counselor who can help guide you through this process and provide valuable insight into how best to move forward from here on out.

Growth is hard.

Overcoming and facing fears is hard.

Understanding that happiness is an inside job is hard.

Ignoring the negativity all around us and within our own mind, is hard.

Our life story continues to evolve when we make the CHOICE to get back.

Victimhood does not have to be our permanent state of living; we can transform ourselves from victims into victors if we just believe in ourselves and take steps towards making positive changes in our lives despite our circumstances. Taking action towards making these changes may seem daunting at first but if we focus on self-care and believing in ourselves along the way, we will eventually get there – one step at a time! So don’t let anyone stand in the way of transforming your life after trauma –you got this! 

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it.” Read more about this here:🥔-egg-🥚-or-coffee-☕%EF%B8%8F/


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