The Opposite of Perfectionism is Acceptance

The desire for control is a form of perfectionism, and we can alleviate it by learning to embrace uncertainty.

The opposite of perfectionism is acceptance.

Not resignation, but surrender…to whatever is happening in the present moment.

I know, I know: That sounds terrible…to a perfectionist.

There is nothing wrong with doing a perfect job. The pursuit for excellence can be a good goal in itself.

But what if it’s becoming an obsession? What if being perfect, all the time, is controlling your life? What if good isn’t enough and everything needs to be perfect?

When I started my Journey with Video Marketing, I quickly learned that being self-critical wasn’t going to serve my purpose or goals of success. I had to learn to attach to the process of doing Video and detach to the outcome.

What began to happen, was my confidence in recording video, hearing my video and seeing what I look like began to increase as my success began to increase as a result of the Video Marketing.

There was a direct correlation between moving past my fears and the need for perfection…. to just getting the Video done and providing value and attracting new clients.

The following post is just one example of moving past the idea of Perfectionism, and embracing the authenticity of a situation and getting it done. If you Attach to the process and detach from the outcome, Freedom is just on the other side.

Screenshot from 4 Years ago during one of my Market Update videos

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