The “new normal” that’s what we are calling it.

Unprecedented times.

That time in history when the entire world was forced to face a new normal and hit “PAUSE” altogether for the greater good.

That time when the Earth began to heal, and animals began appearing where they hadn’t been seen before.

When Skies appeared so blue it was as if you were looking up at the ocean.

Yet, among all of this goodness- panic and anxiety remain, and tragedy and trauma are unfolding daily.

So how do we move forward when we are “paused”?

How do we mentally move forward with an unknown road ahead?

I’ve been thinking about all of these things as I walk around my property on my daily “breaks”.

And one thought keeps coming back to me…what is this time teaching us? What lesson are we supposed to be learning?

The answer: “The impossible is possible”.

The world which was supposed to be unstoppable- was stopped.

A Change in attitude, behaviour, and priorities is no longer optional, because we are being swept away by it.

We are waking up after being in a deep sleep and becoming more aware of our mortality and the true meaning of gratitude and this life we have been blessed with.

We have been given the unique gift of a “pause” and likely a reset- a second chance.

When we will look back at this time, and ask ourselves- Why? Why did this have to happen to us?

The answer won’t be that simple but neither will it be overly complicated…

It may look something like…

We have learned that everything is connected. More closely than we had thought.

The world and humankind are more fragile than we thought.

We will soon see with new clarity and hold value to different things that we once took for granted- like hugs and family meals.

We will have a greater understanding of the true meaning of life, how precious it is, what truly matters and what truly doesn’t.

We may realize that while we were in the midst of fear, isolation and social distancing….

That the only true control we have is over our own thoughts, actions and attitude.

That faith and hope is what helped get us though the crisis, rather than fear.

That were actually growing spiritually, learning that positive change is possible, and beginning to understand that “the impossible is really possible”.


~just my thoughts from my daily walks

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