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My passion for speaking began as a teacher, where I spent 20 years educating learners from the age of 15 to 75. Today, I deliver multiple keynotes per year across North America, each one tailored to what will inspire every audience to take action.

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I have partnered with well-known franchise & government organizations to speak and create training sessions and seminars on the topics of:

Video & Online Marketing

Video content is the most entertaining and engaging content on the web, and is 600% more effective than print or direct mail. Teaching businesses to use video in their online marketing is key to a successful brand.

Online Presence

Elevating a businesses’ online presence by showing them how to provide content with Value, that builds goodwill in the marketplace and that compounds over time.

Brand Creation & Authenticity

Helping business owners create a trustworthy and credible brand which will dominate their marketplace. From here, business owners will gain the clarity and confidence to brand and position themselves authentically.


A fixed mindset stifles innovation, creates resistance to change, and results in missed opportunities. In essence, it inhibits growth. Through coaching that nurtures a growth mindset, you’ll cultivate an environment where continuous improvement is the norm.


Influence is not merely about having authority or a title. It’s the ability of a leader to shape perceptions, inspire actions, and drive outcomes. True influence stems from credibility, trust, and genuine connection with those you lead. It’s about creating an environment where people willingly align with your vision, not because they have to, but because they believe in it.


Enhanced communication for leaders goes beyond mere speaking. It’s about resonating with diverse audiences, turning visions into actionable narratives, and rallying teams for impactful outcomes. A masterful leader bridges gaps, imprints vision, and catalyzes success through clear, influential communication.

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