When I train/teach/coach Agents, I don’t rely on theory from books…..

I rely on the experience, mistakes and failures I’ve encountered over many years in the Real Estate profession.

After many years as a successful Top-Producing award-winning agent/broker/Broker Owner, I am ? confident that what I offer will ? get results because I see it day in and day out.

Working with people can be challenging UNLESS…

1). You LISTEN to what they need.

2). You LISTEN to what they want.

3). Truly care about making a difference in their life.

4). You are genuine and authentic in your intentions to help them, regardless of the outcome.

How have I been successful at 99.9% of every listing appointment I’ve been on?

How have I created loyal, caring clients?

Simple answer: I care❤️ and they feel it.
I’m confident and educated and they hear it.
I take immediate action and have difficult conversations, and they respect that.

I will open my entire playbook this coming Monday for my agents.

On Monday February 10th, my agents will sit through a 3-hour course detailing the step-by-step process to the 7-Step Seller Consultation that will focus on the CLIENT EXPERIENCE.

Selling from the ❤️ 1

How many clients do YOU have that would actually message you telling you they would always support you and help you door knock if you needed help getting business during slow periods?

Love what you do.

Care about others.

Serve to your best ability.


Work smarter, not harder

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