Mindset Medicine Podcast

Welcome to the Mindset Medicine Podcast, where I talk all about Mindset, Momentum and Business Mastery.

This weekly podcast will cover everything from business marketing and growth strategies to shifting your mindset towards achieving your goals and dreams. Listen to each episode right here on KatharineLoucaidouCoaching.com or on any of the platforms below!


Mindset Medicine Podcast
EP 18

Excuses are something we all make, and we make them more times than we’d like to! In today’s episode, we’ll be talking about some ways you can overcome those excuses so you can live life holding yourself accountable rather than letting them take over.

Mindset Medicine Podcast
EP 11

Today I decided to try something a little different; I asked my family about where they believe work ethic comes from, and the answers I got were extremely fascinating. Tune in to find out exactly what their answers were!

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