Mindset Medicine Podcast

Welcome to the Mindset Medicine Podcast, where I talk all about Mindset, Momentum and Business Mastery.

This weekly podcast will cover everything from business marketing and growth strategies to shifting your mindset towards achieving your goals and dreams. Listen to each episode right here on KatharineLoucaidouCoaching.com or on any of the platforms below!


Mindset Medicine Podcast
EP 1

After a 1 year hiatus….The “Mindset Medicine” Podcast is back!

Mindset Medicine is a podcast from the Heart-where I discuss Shifting your Mindset to align with your goals and dreams. It is Medicine for your heart, soul and mind!

I’m Launching this NEW 3rd SEASON of my podcast with one of my most favourite people in the world- Leah Ackerman. Leah Ackerman is a phenomenal Top Producing Realtor in Columbus, OH, who has skyrocketed her local presence & initiatives, her Business and her “I CARE” Brand in less than 3 years!
Within a year of transitioning into the Sales side of Real Estate she was already making the company’s leaderboard Top 3.

Mindset Medicine Podcast
EP 13

Whenever Google makes a business decision or plans a new product rollout, they abide by 8 principles. 8 important principles that shape and develop their vision and decision-making. On today’s episode of Mindset Medicine, I’m going to tell you what those 8 principles are, and how they affected my HUGE decision to partner with an international brokerage.

Mindset Medicine Podcast
EP 12

When you decide to make the “hard” choice, your life will change for the better. In today’s episode of Mindset Medicine, I’ll be taking you through some of the hard choices I’ve made throughout my life, and how they’ve affected the trajectory of my life, in the best possible way!

Mindset Medicine Podcast
EP 11

Mental toughness is like a muscle. It needs to be worked to grow and develop, and if you haven’t pushed yourself then you’ll feel like you’re drowning when things get tough. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Tune into today’s episode where I will let you know the secret to being unbeatable.

Mindset Medicine Podcast
EP 9

If you’re thinking that you’re not where you want to be, then what do you have to do to change that? Join me on today’s episode of Mindset Medicine as we explore how to enable your growth mindset in order to achieve your goals.

Mindset Medicine Podcast
EP 7

Join me on today’s episode of Mindset Medicine to discover the ways you can spring clean your mind and business, so that you can move into Spring 2021 with a feeling of renewal.

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