Mindset Medicine podcast

Welcome to the Mindset Medicine Podcast, where I talk all about Mindset, Momentum and Business Mastery.

This weekly podcast will cover everything from business marketing and growth strategies to shifting your mindset towards achieving your goals and dreams. Listen to each episode right here on KatharineLoucaidouCoaching.com or on any of the platforms below!


Mindset Medicine Podcast Cover Fall 2020
EP 27

It’s time for you to stop treating self-care like the last thing on your list, and start treating it like a priority! On today’s episode, I’ll be guiding you through steps and mindset shifts so that you can do exactly that.

Mindset Medicine Podcast Cover Fall 2020
EP 26

Are you tired of working hard but not seeing results? On today’s podcast episode, I’ll be taking you through 10 Steps to Work Smarter, Not Harder in your business, so that you don’t have to feel the guilt of working when you want to spend time with your family, take a vacation or simply take time for you!

Mindset Medicine Podcast Cover Fall 2020
EP 25

Most people think of a ‘work and life’ balance as a scale that needs to be equal on both sides, but what if there was a different way to look at it? Join me on today’s episode as we dive into how to really achieve a successful work-life balance.

Mindset Medicine Podcast Cover Fall 2020
EP 24

Where do I take my business in 2021? What are my goals for the future? These are some of the most important questions that can easily overwhelm us if we don’t have the answers to them. That’s why in today’s episode, we’ll be discussing the 4 disciplines of execution and how they can help you focus and help you realistically achieve your goals.

Mindset Medicine Podcast Cover Fall 2020
EP 23

There is a saying that an arrow can only be shot forward by pulling it backward. Likewise, your business can only propel forward if you take the time to pull back and reflect. Join me on today’s episode, where we’ll be talking about why reflection is essential for success!

Mindset Medicine Podcast Cover Fall 2020
EP 21

On today’s episode, we’ll be exploring the ‘Be-Do-Have’ principle, and how mastering it can unlock enormous potential for you to achieve your all of your goals and live happily.

Mindset Medicine Podcast Cover Fall 2020
EP 20

In today’s episode of Mindset Medicine, I chat with some of the agents at my brokerage about mastering the 5 outputs for business and why they are so important in keeping your business on-track.