More Happiness & Less Suffering

More happiness & less suffering… aren’t we all searching for this?
Life is filled with painful experiences; some of which happen TO us, but most of which happen FOR us.

The photo on the left…
Me…12 years ago. 2 years after multiple heart attacks, Triple Bypass Surgery, a minor stroke and just moved back to Canada, after living in Europe for 18 years. Reminding myself every day that I am strong. I am alive. I will get stronger and happier every day, and trying very hard to stay positive.

Before & After
Me 12 years ago (left) Me today (right)

Photo was taken at my first job upon returning to Canada. Working in a cubicle in a sector of the Government. Daily anxiety, unhappiness and fear were the norm. Taking 10 different “preventative” heart medications daily, which were making me sick. Until one afternoon….I had had enough.
Left the job.

Got hired as Professor at a large College. Started researching “Heart Disease Reversal”. Adjusted my diet. Started walking every day. When we take responsibility for how we’re dealing with life’s problems, setbacks and challenges, we become more resilient and begin to bounce back faster. When we begin to see ourselves not as helpless victims, but as powerful warriors, going through life with the ability to make conscious, empowered choices, we begin to change.

Fast forward 12 years to TODAY….


Heart disease REVERSED. 0 medications of any kind. Working in a career that I love and feel passionate about. I have learned that although we might not be able to prevent all the difficulties we might encounter, we have the ability to CHOOSE how to react to them and handle them.

I have learned that a positive mindset, daily exercise, and putting good, clean food in my body DOES matter and does affect everything else we do and accomplish.

I have learned to stop running from FEAR, but to face it head-on. Beautiful things exist on the other side of it.

I have learned that our transformation is ongoing. There’s no “quick fix” for anything physical, emotional or psychological. It’s about doing the hard work, every single day.

I have learned that perfection doesn’t exist. And we don’t want it to, otherwise we would never grow.

I will always be a work in progress. Growth is hard. Overcoming and facing fears is hard. Understanding that happiness is an inside job is hard. Ignoring the negativity all around us and within our own mind, is hard.


What I know is this, our journeys begin with a CHOICE to get back up, to step outside of our comfort zone and to live every single day as our highest and best self.

The rest will fall into place.

Work smarter, not harder

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