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Mindset Medicine Podcast
EP 8

You may see life as a roller coaster or as Forest Gump said, “Life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get”.

However, you see and experience life, it has its beautiful moments, even at times when hope seems far away. It is during those seasons or moments of hardship when we need to look for the positive opportunities for growth and understanding.

Today, Katharine will discuss the A-Z Guide to Bouncing back from Hardships and how to deal with them while going through them.

Mindset Medicine Podcast
EP 7

On today’s episode:

65% of Fortune 1000 companies built their businesses during the “Winter Season” of a recession or depression. The toughest, challenging, traumatic seasons in our lives are the catalysts to our biggest growth and success.

In this episode, Katharine discusses how to change your relationship with fear & failure and how to tell yourself a new story when in the “Winter” season of life.

Quote from the Episode:

“You weren’t rejected; I hid your Value from them because they weren’t in your Destiny.”

Mindset Medicine Podcast
EP 6

Join us for this incredible episode with Guest Dr. Mia Holland. Dr. Mia is an Assistant Professor of Psychology, a Top Producing Realtor, a Life Coach and a self-described LIFE Warrior.

In this very educational, and life-changing episode, we explore and discuss the topics of:

  • Eradicating a Breast Cancer diagnosis Holistically.
  • How to overcome unwanted traumatic events
  • The Victim mentality
  • Resilience and the other side of fear
  • Learning how to break patterns of behaviour learnt from childhood to become more empowered and take back control
  • Controlling our reactions vs responses
Mindset Medicine Podcast
EP 4

The question is, are you living your life that way – in a way that’s best for you and no one else – or are you following what others say you should do and how they say you should do it? In other words, are you living your life or someone else’s?

Join Katharine today as she discusses the Clues You May be Living Someone Else’s Life and how to break out of the pattern to start living your very best Life.

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