Overcoming Obstacles & Personal Development with special guest Chrissy May

From Episode 13 of the MINDSET MEDICINE Podcast

Overcoming obstacles, becoming Self-Aware through Personal Development and being happy in life are on today’s menu of topics with my special guest Chrissy May.

Chrissy is a Personal Development Specialist, Entrepreneur and Content Creator. She has graced the cover of magazines, hosted TV shows and continues to innovate and embrace life to its fullest.

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Full Interview

Chrissy was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. This very athletic and talented young woman has been competing in sports since she was a youngster, most notably figure skating. When she retired from the sport of figure skating in 1999, she set her sights on competing for ESPN Fitness America Pageants.

Uptown Magazine Chrissy May
Chrissy May via Instagram

Gaining much success and notoriety from these Championships, she soon started modelling for various fitness and mainstream publications. She has appeared on several fitness covers across the world and has been a published/contributing writer for decades. Chrissy also freelances as a Television Host.

Her infectious personality and magnetic energy are evident in front of the camera. She has built a solid reputation as a hard-worker, kind soul and very dependable talent for any project she enters into. A long-time resident of Arizona, she has built a successful business in the Real Estate industry.

Chrissy May

Find Chrissy May on Instagram @thechrissymay and check out her website at chrissymay.com

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