We clean up our email inboxes every now and then. We clear off our desks to make space. But, what about our “mental” desktop? How do we deal with Mental Clutter?

When do we declutter our minds? Our brain isn’t built to split its attention in too many directions. It needs to be somewhat organized and at peace for you to be able to filter information into the right mental folders and actually get stuff done. …And to get your brain into that ideal state, you have to make space by clearing some Mental Clutter.

When you have a never-ending list of things to do, it often feels overwhelming and counterproductive to spend time reflecting—more thoughts will just add to the Mental Clutter, right? But, charging ahead without taking time to reflect will just make the mess worse


REFLECTING on how you’ve been spending your time will give you insight into how you got to your present state, how to move forward strategically, and how you work best in general

So, take some deep breaths and start your Mental De-Cluttering.


Work smarter, not harder

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