Leading Your Business Through Tough Times

This 4-part video series takes you through all of the action steps and the mindset to take charge of your business and lead it through challenging times.

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Adapting & Changing In A New Business Environment

In Part 1 of this four-part course, I’ll be focusing on adapting and changing your mindset and business strategies in a new business environment.

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The New & Improved Relationship

In Part 2, I’ll be diving into setting boundaries & expectations, changing up your mindset, health & safety, messaging on social media, and digital platforms for virtual buyer presentations & showings.

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Selling in a Virtual Environment

In Part 3 of this course, I’ll be covering the new & improved seller-agent relationship, managing seller expectations in a changing market, virtual pre-listing seller consultations, virtual listing presentations and virtual open houses.

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Time to Plug In And Thrive

In the final part of this course, I’ll be bringing you some high-impact action steps for you to “Plug-In” to your business and help you “Thrive” in an ever-changing market.

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Leading Your Business Through Tough Times

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