Interview with Celebrant, Christine Cooper

‼️ Imagine shaking up your life at the age of 59…on purpose‼️

When you feel caught in the Status Quo of life…and just feel like you’re coasting til retirement, it’s time to turn your life upside down to find your true purpose.

Welcome to my 1st interview on Katharine Loucaidou Coaching.

Let me introduce you to Christine Cooper- Part II, Life Celebrant & Officiant, but who was Christine- Part I? And what drove Christine to shake up her entire life to get to Part II?

Tired of thinking she was going to do the same thing, day in day out for the next 10 years…. waking up tired every morning, Christine did something out of the ordinary at 59 years of age….

At 59, she bought a journal and started recording every moment of each day for 8 weeks.

Why document every moment of every day for 8 weeks? How would that help her status quo life?

Her daily journal writing began to create a mindfulness of what she was doing with her days… with her time. What did a day in the life of Christine actually look like? Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually?

8 weeks later, she ready back her journal in its entirety and she didn’t like what she read.

In fact, she decided she didn’t want to go back to Christine Part I.

At 59, she decided she wasn’t living up to her potential.

She wanted to create a life where she woke up fulfilled, whole and honest. She decided it was time to make her own parameters.

And guess what happened…..

She packed up her entire house. Moved to a new town. Started a new career/business and….


At 62, Christine Cooper, embarked on a new adventure….

She created a new BRAND.

She created a new BUSINESS.

AND THERE WAS NO PLAN B. She believed in herself. And believed it would work.

AND DID IT WORK OUT? Watch our fascinating interview here ????

And in the words of Christine:

“I got to the place where I get to be the better version of myself”.


Isn’t that why we are all here? To become the best version of ourselves? ?

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