I take it back.. Feel FEAR.

I take it back..

Feel FEAR.

You don’t need to be FEARLESS.

BUT, you do need to move past it.

You need to feel the fear. Recognize it’s there within you, but then just keep moving forward because it will subside and eventually disappear.

Your “Fear is only as deep as the mind allows.” (Adam Contos)

Therefore, every time you face your fears, you become a little stronger.

Every time, you get back up after falling, you become a little more resilient.

Let’s take a look at some of the nuggets I got from my last 2 days at Cheplak Leadership Live Masterminds here in Nashville, TN.

I’ll highlight them here ???? and explain them in the Video below….. some pretty good stuff here….

From Jon Cheplak:

✅ Everything BIG is built on the back of micro-commitments.

✅ Be obsessed with the process of getting to where you want to be, and detach from the outcome (the end result/goal you’re hoping for).

✅ Commitments: either you DO them or you DON’T. If you choose to commit, then you have to stick with it. No matter what.

✅ Give yourself deadlines. Make a public declaration about it.

“I Commit to doing (what- be specific, and must be actionable) by when (measurable)

✅ FOCUS is your Superpower. Remove the distractions that are slowing/stopping you from reaching your goals.

✅ Your greatest ability is your availability. (Todd Abrams)

Are you “available” to win?

Are you mentally ready to achieve your goals. OR are you subconsciously slowing yourself down out of the fear of the unknown?

✅ Overcome the force of average and become the best version of yourself.
(Love love love ? this one!!! Ryan Stewman )

✅ There is true power in the motivation of our actions. Success is based on the choices we make on our journey. Heath Evans)

I’ll be posting Social Media “Recipes for Success and Engagement” over on my Katharine Loucaidou Coaching Page.

Reach out to me if you need to find some clarity in your business. ❤️

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