Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

It took me 6 years to gain the courage to walk this hill!

There are 3 steep sections to it. It’s the highest vantage point where I live.

I was worried my heart wouldn’t be able to take it!

I wasn’t planning on doing this today. But as I approached the top of the hill as I do every morning, I decided to walk down to the first section ….and then I walked down to the second one… and then I said to myself, I may as well just go to all the way to the bottom.”

Of course, the downhill part isn’t really the issue, is it! Once I turned around and looked back up, it was daunting, but today I felt up for it.

I turned up the podcast I was listening to a little louder and started to climb, one section at a time.

I did it and my heart didn’t explode! ?

~Feel the fear and do it anyway~