More Happiness

More Happiness & Less Suffering

More happiness & less suffering… aren’t we all searching for this?
Life is filled with painful experiences; some of which happen TO us, but most of which happen FOR us.

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Trends of 2021

The 5 Biggest Trends of 2021

What IF you could change the entire outcome of 2021?
What IF you could take back control and feel less fear?
Join me as I dive into: The 5 Biggest Trends of 2021

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Work-Life Balance

The Myth of Work-Life Balance

If Work-Life Balance is in your 2021 Business Plan, in your goals or in your New Year resolutions, you may as well give up now!

Tune in while I discuss how to find the balance between work and life but not in the traditional sense.

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Showing Up

Showing Up

My office is empty every day. Everyone works remotely. Why do I even bother showing up at 9am everyday? What’s the point in me getting

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Mind Clutter

Do You Have Mental Clutter?

We clean up our email inboxes every now and then. We clear off our desks to make space. But, what about our “mental” desktop? How do we deal with Mental Clutter?

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